North Shore Animal League America found a unique way to encourage cat adoptions during the holiday season: Christmas Cats TV, a three-day, live-streaming program.

You've never seen reality TV like this before.

Christmas Cats TV stars "Cat Lady Grandma," several felines decked out in holiday sweaters, and a guy dressed as an elf who occasionally sips from a cat flask and lets cats nap on his shoulders.

For eight hours a day, from Dec. 4-6, viewers can watch "wacky grandma 'cat lady' in her home, rocking, knitting, and hanging out with a room full of adoptable cats available for adoption," according to the news release. (And for those of you reading this after Dec. 6, our deepest apologies.)

The stream is interactive, and grandma and her elf frequently reply to tweets via a dry-erase board.

Other times they place a sign next to a snoozing cat that reads, "Can I haz a family?"

This is the first time North Shore Animal League America, the New York-based agency that is world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, has tried such an adoption tactic.

The rescue group teamed up with Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music, which is playing — and selling — Christmas music throughout the broadcast.

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Christmas Cats TV: The odd and strangely addictive live stream you need to see
The program airs 8 hours a day for 3 days and features 'Cat Lady Grandma' and her elf in a room full of adoptable cats.