With their long bodies, short legs and prominent ears, corgis are one of the goofier-looking dog breeds. These darling dogs are also energetic and fun-loving — plus, they always seem to be smiling — so it's not surprising they're challenging cats for the title of the internet's favorite animal.

Below, watch some of corgis' most ridiculous and adorable antics ever caught on video and see why these canines are winning the Web.

Corgi carousel

Corgi demands to be petted

Let's get physical

Puppy plays with a pumpkin

Corgi dance moves

One clean canine

Who's that?

Two for tetherball

Did I say you could stop the belly rubs?

You can't handle the cute

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Corgis are taking over the internet. (And if you have any doubt, watch a couple of these videos)
In terms of sheer internet fame, these short-legged canines are giving felines some stiff competition — and with videos like these, it's no wonder.