There are few things more unsettling than a door being open that you sure you closed and locked. Was it a break-in? A ghost? A velociraptor? (They know how to open doors!)

Or was it a very clever and crafty kitty?

It was totally the cat.

This morning, my wife woke up with the front door open, concerned somebody broke in. This afternoon, the door was open again. Then, we saw this. from r/funny

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Oh, and the cat's name? Cookie Monster, because the cat is a smart cookie, but also a little bit of a monster.

Reddit user _Faye_Valentine is currently fostering this fuzzy little escape artist with his wife, and it's been a small challenge. Immediately upon taking him home, Cookie Monster inspected the lock of his crate and attempted to open it from the inside. And that wasn't all. Cookie Monster is quickly bored by cat logic puzzles, and he has made sure that every cupboard door and drawer is Cookie Monster-friendly.

The couple did try to restrict Cookie Monster's ability to open that particular door by keeping a leash to the door knob with a rubber band and placing the loop around the lock to keep it in the up position. Cookie Monster was not impressed with this particular remedy and figured out a way around it in an about an hour.

Anti-cat opening door measures with a leash It was a good idea, but not a good enough of one. (Photo: Imgur)

The two humans came up with another plan using what looks like a stool leg to keep the door knob from being pulled down. Cookie Monster's probably already working on how to not only remove the stool leg but break it in half so they can't use it again.

A stool leg used to secure the door knob This will probably work ... for a little while. (Photo: Imgur)

Of course, this whole plan only works so long as one person is at home. As soon as they both leave, Cookie Monster will be out of this apartment complex prison — which, by the way, he has the layout memorized, like any good escape artist — and exploring the outside world.

Crafty cat isn't interested in things like doors
This cat thinks locks and door knobs are just a state of mind, and his humans wish he would just stop trying to escape.