family dog contract The family agreed to dad's 13 terms before adopting a dog. (Photo: rjohnstone13)

When a family wants to get a dog, there always seems to be one member who drags his feet. And sometimes that's a grumpy parent.

In one family's case, it was dad who tried to put the kibosh on the whole puppy thing by coming up with an incredibly detailed contract for the family to sign before he agreed to let them bring home a dog. You can take a look at it above, but here are some of the highlights:

1. Dad never has to pick up dog poop. Ever. The dog's poop is picked up at least 3 times per week by children to Dad's satisfaction.

5. The dog does not slobber or have a runny nose. All parties agree that those kind of dogs are gross.

7. Dad never has to give the dog a bath. Also, if Dad decides the dog smells, a kid gives the dog a bath within 24 hours.

9. Dad has unrestrictive veto power over the dog's name.

Although the father sure sounded like he didn't want anything to do with the new furry family member, we're guessing it was an all act. He posted an epilogue on Reddit, where the contract originally appeared, noting that the family did get a dog just two weeks after the contract was signed. Everyone is abiding by the terms, including dad, who seems to have been won over by the little ball of fluff, named Kershaw.

"Everyone (including Dad) adores the dog, which has been a fantastic addition to (though not a member of) our family," dad (also known as rjohnstone13) wrote.

Here's a look at Kershaw:

family dog kershaw Kershaw met all of the contract requirements — and we're betting he'll be the star of the family Christmas card before long. (Photo: rjohnstone13)

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