When eight piglets arrived at Wes Trevor's nursery in Queensland, Australia, they were muddy, sunburned and not in good health. Trevor and his family set to work caring for the tiny additions, giving them special feed as they joined the goats, ducklings and other creatures that live amid the seven acres of plants at Spectrum Plants.

But someone else took a special interest in the little piglets. Treasure the boxer, the resident rescue dog, saw the hapless critters and her mothering instincts kicked in. She followed them one day after they got loose from their pen, and even began nursing them.

โ€œSheโ€™s just a natural mother ... and started taking care of them,โ€ Trevor told the Gold Coast Bulletin. โ€œShe does it for the fun of it. When the piglets started suckling she went into straight milk production."

Trevor was hesitant about letting Treasure nurse the piglets, so he checked with his vet. The vet OK'ed it as long as Treasure wasn't being hurt and as long as the piglets were still being fed a healthy diet.

Trevor wasn't sure if Treasure had ever been a mother before since he had adopted her as a stray 18 months ago and her background is a mystery.

This may be the first time she has officially mothered other animals at the nursery, but she has always had a soft spot for the other creatures.

And although Treasure has only recently earned international attention for her piglet adoption, she has always been popular with visitors. She is a fixture among the plants, greeting even the tiniest of guests, who come to see the resident animals while their grown-ups shop.

Visitors are stopping by to visit the now-famous pooch, who is trying to keep a low-profile while still tending to her piglet charges.

Watch Treasure with her adopted piglets:

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Treasure the rescue dog adopts 8 little piglets
A rescue dog at an Australian plant nursery mothers 8 tiny piglets in need of a little TLC.