One champion canine is dead and two others have become ill after suspected poisonings at the Crufts dog show, prompting a police investigation.

A 3-year-old Irish setter named Thendara Satisfaction and nicknamed Jagger, died Friday after coming in second in his class for best dog on Thursday.

The dog and two of his owners, Willem and Aleksandra Lauwers, had returned to their home in Belgium when Jagger collapsed and started shaking. Not long after, the dog went into a coma and died.

A veterinarian performed an autopsy on Jagger and found pieces of meat laced with several types of poison, including slug killer, in his stomach.

The Kennel Club, which runs Crufts, is awaiting a toxicology report to determine when the dog ate the meat.

Aleksandra told The Telegraph that the poisoning must have occurred Thursday morning when Jagger arrived at Crufts because the only time he was left unattended was when he was on the bench at the show.

Since Jagger's death, two women have reported that they believe their dogs were also poisoned at the show.

One dog vomited in the ring and was taken to a veterinarian, and another also became sick and later was passing blood.

Jeremy Milligan-Bott, Jagger's co-owner, said he thinks the poisoner is someone with a grudge against dogs or the Crufts show but not Jagger himself. Crufts is the world's largest dog show, attracting more than 21,000 competitors from 43 countries this year.

Willem Lauwers said he and his wife are "devastated" at the loss of their dog and that he believes Jagger was targeted.

"Jagger was such a promising dog," he said. "He was just 3 years old, but he was well known around the world. Of course if you are successful, success doesn't make you a whole lot of friends."

This isn't the first time a champion dog has allegedly been poisoned during competition.

In 2013, Lynette Blue's 3-year-old Samoyed named Cruz died after competing in the Westminster dog show, and Blue said she thought animal rights activists might be to blame.

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Dog allegedly poisoned at Crufts show dies
Poison was found in the stomach of a champion Irish setter named Jagger, and 2 other dog owners say they believe their dogs were also poisoned.