If you’ve ever wondered how your dog would rate on a scale of one to 10, now you can find out. Simply send a photo of your pup to Matt Nelson and he’ll supply you with that rating — and a description of your pet that's likely to make you laugh out loud.

Nelson posts the photos and ratings on his Twitter account @dog_rates, which has amassed more than 80,000 followers since its Nov. 15 launch, thanks to the cute photos and hilarious captions.

The account is updated multiple times a day. Nelson, a 19-year-old business student at Campbell University, admits it takes a great deal of his time.

“The account tweets incessantly, as many as 18 times a day,” he told New York Magazine. “It takes up every ounce of my free time.”

And just because you don’t have a dog, doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Nelson will rate any animal as if it were a dog.

From amphibians to insects, no species is out of bounds, and often it’s these “dogs” that make the most popular tweets.

Dog-rating Twitter account makes humans laugh, gives poor animals a complex
Send college student Matt Nelson a photo of your dog — or any animal — and he'll let the world know what he thinks.