dog sitting on roof of empty house in Detroit A neighbor suggested that a cat may have chased the dog onto the roof of an abandoned house. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

The house on Indiana Street had long been abandoned. It was little more than shattered windows, a crumbling staircase and cavernous holes in the floor.

And one ghost.

At least that’s how the dog must have appeared to the woman who spotted her standing, stock-still on that Detroit rooftop earlier this month. No one — not the woman who spotted the dog and posted a picture on Facebook, nor the people who would rush to her aid — could quite figure out how the dog got up there.

Mike Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, was one of those people. He doesn’t live too far away. But he had to hurry. Because after dark, a decrepit old house was no place for man or dog.

“I left immediately as it was only about 15 minutes from where I was and I prayed for the dog whole way there,” Diesel tells MNN.

Stepping gingerly through the ruined house — crumbling staircases, shattered walls, debris everywhere — Diesel made his way to the attic.

Abandoned house in Detroit The house in Detroit's west end had long been abandoned. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

A longtime rescuer of dogs — many of them left behind by their families — Diesel knew the surest way to a castaway’s heart: Treats.

Once in the open attic window, he started laying out those snacks strategically on the rooftop.

“We’ve got to build some trust,” he said at the time.

But Diesel would have to leave the house completely before the elusive animal dared touch any of the food left out for her.

“There she is!” Diesel said, pointing up at her. “She’s eating the food.”

And then the dog slipped inside the house through the open attic window.

“She’s inside,” Diesel declared, going back into the house.

They met in the attic — the dog who was left behind no-one-knows-how-long-go and the man who specializes in bringing dogs back from the brink.

There was a connection as she edged closer, clearly starving.

Dog in attic of empty Detroit house Little by little, the dog edged closer to safety. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

More treats. Closer...

While every rescued dog knows Mike Diesel by the trail of his treats, this dog was hungry for something more.

“Want to go for a walk?” Diesel entreated, holding a leash.

It must have felt like a past, happier life. Because not long after that, the dog agreed that she would like to go for a walk. But still, it was slow-going through the house. Diesel, assisted by firefighter Naomi Huff, brought the dog through the broken house, emerging at last in the sunlight.

Detroit firefighter Naomi Huff sits with rescued dog Naomi Huff, from the Detroit Fire Department, arrived on the scene to lend a hand. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)And suddenly, the dog was not so much a spectre … as a snuggler.

dog sitting in grass It didn't take long for the dog to understand she was among friends. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

Rescued dog taking ride in car Sugarbee seemed to enjoy her ride. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

Mike Diesel rushed Sugarbee to the same veterinary clinic where, just eight hours earlier, he'd had an injured dog put down. (“We held her paws as she crossed the rainbow bridge,” Diesel later told MNN.)

He was still shaken by the experience when he arrived at the house on Indiana Street — and he was more driven than ever to save a life.

And for that kindness, Sugarbee repaid him in spades.

Dog at side of bed The dog didn't seem to know a lot about the comforts of a real home, but she proved a fast learner. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

Dog and man cuddle Not long after coming home with Diesel, the dog was jumping up on him for cuddles. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

Dog cuddling man in bed. Diesel says it's the first time he rescued a dog from a rooftop. (Photo: Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue)

If you think you might be able to give her that home, get in touch with Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue through its Facebook page.

You can watch the full video of Sugarbee’s rescue below:

Dog rescued from roof of abandoned house
The rescued dog, now named Sugarbee, is learning to trust again — and sleeping in a bed for the first time, thanks to Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue.