Imagine what a newly adopted dog or cat is thinking on the ride home from the animal shelter. Where am I going now? Who is this person? What's happening next?

There's likely some trepidation mixed with happiness and a whole lot of exhaustion after the noise and commotion they just left.

Here's a look at some of those sweet faces on the way to their new home or enjoying their first day with their new forever families.

happy dog in a basket Ned, a senior dog, is so happy to be adopted, he can't stop smiling. (Photo: sanantoniojackson/imgur)

contented cat asleep on the bed This happy cat is sound asleep on the bed, the first morning in his new home. (Photo: Amyseee/Reddit)

Rescued Allistair on the ride home from the animal shelter Allistair, likely a King Charles spaniel, hangs his head out the window on his way home from the animal shelter. (Photo: Kramgunderson/Reddit)

puppy sleeps on owner's shoulder on way home from shelter Luna Belle relaxes on her new dad's shoulder on the ride home from the shelter. (Photo: DonJuanPepe/Reddit)

smiling, sleeping kitten Barry the rescued kitten smiles in his sleep. (Photo: TraceyMmm/imgur)

rescued dog Patches sleeps under a blanket Patches spends the first day in his new home sleeping under a blanket. (Photo: hec 187/imgur)

German shepherd/lab mix puppy being held Kaia, a German shepherd and Lab mix, is held by her new owner on her first day home. (Photo: surfeurdargent/imgur)

orange kitten sleeping on owner Kitten Raja is just exhausted on her first day in her new home. (Photo: itsnotShania/imgur)

Marvin a rescue dog in a recliner with his new owner After being rescued, Marvin is quite at home with his new owner. But they might want to get a bigger chair. (Photo: cjt20/Reddit)

pup snuggles on the way home from the animal shelter This wary pup snuggles during the ride to her forever home. (Photo: Mciocia7/imgur)

smiling puppy in car This happy puppy sure seems to be smiling on his way home from the shelter. (Photo: arm034/imgur)

Schnauzer rests on boy's lap in backseat of car This mini Schnauzer may have just found his new best friend. (Photo: martini_mcfly/imgur)

cat hiding in a blue towel This newly rescued kitty is still checking out the world. (Photo: waaasssuuppp/imgur)

Stella snuggles with her new owner Stella snuggles with her new owner on her first day in her new home. (Photo: Sasquatchfl/imgur)

smiling dog on way home from pound Who says dogs don't smile? This pup sure looks happy on his way home after being adopted. (Photo: Ninjapls/Reddit)

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes about everything from health to parenting — and anything that helps explain why her dog does what he does.