Torque, a 6-month-old greyhound, befriended a baby owl at the Ringwood Raptor and Reptile Center in New Hampshire when the owl was taken from its mother for its own protection after just three days. Keepers worried that the owl, whom they named Shrek, would be hurt by her mother if they were to become stressed.


Shrek and Torque's friendship started slowly with falconer John Picton introducing them gradually by feeding the baby owl and the puppy in the same room and by letting Torque sniff Shrek and become familiar with her scent. But within just a matter of days, Torque took Shrek under his "wing" and adopted her as his own.


Today, the two play outside with Torque closely guarding Shrek, and at Picton's home they roam the house together and often spend the evenings curled on the couch watching TV. "Their relationship is so unusual but also rather sweet," Picton says.


Check out this adorable video of Torque and his feathered friend, Shrek.



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