Almost anyone who has cared for a dog or cat knows about the cone of shame, the handy device that keeps your pet from messing with a wound after surgery. Known by vets as Elizabethan collars, E-collars or pet cones, the protective devices don't leave pets with much dignity as they try to sleep, play and go about their daily business while basically wearing a lampshade.

Some pets handle it a little more gracefully than others — smiling, snoozing and romping just like normal even though we know they aren't at the top of their game. Others just look depressed ... and a little bit ticked off. (And we can't blame them.)

Take a look.

"What did I do wrong?"

At least napping isn't a problem.

This pup doesn't seem all that upset about it.

This kitty is definitely glowering.

Oh ... those eyes.

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At least this one is colorful.

We can't even take this thing off for a walk?

Still smiling ...

"If I mock the cat, he will end me."

Recovery collar or head stuck in a large, blue doughnut?

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