Almost anyone who has cared for a dog or cat knows about the cone of shame, the handy device that keeps your pet from messing with a wound after surgery. Known by vets as Elizabethan collars, E-collars or pet cones, the protective devices don't leave pets with much dignity as they try to sleep, play and go about their daily business while basically wearing a lampshade.

Some pets handle it a little more gracefully than others — smiling, snoozing and romping just like normal even though we know they aren't at the top of their game. Others just look depressed ... and a little bit ticked off. (And we can't blame them.)

Take a look.

"What did I do wrong?"

At least napping isn't a problem.

This pup doesn't seem all that upset about it.

This kitty is definitely glowering.

Oh ... those eyes.

At least this one is colorful.

We can't even take this thing off for a walk?

Still smiling ...

"If I mock the cat, he will end me."

Recovery collar or head stuck in a large, blue doughnut?

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11 dogs and cats wearing the cone of shame
Some pets handle the cone of shame more gracefully than others. Some just look sad or ticked off.