Sometimes it's hard for a shelter dog to get adopted when the first impression is behind kennel bars or a photo that doesn't capture his true personality — or any personality at all.

So Guinnevere Shuster set out to solve that problem.

The professional photographer and social media director for the Humane Society of Utah creates a series of four photo booth-style images that showcase a pup's true personality. They're oftentimes silly and playful with dogs smiling, winking and attempting to catch treats in mid-air.

Shuster typically chooses dogs that she says may need a little extra help getting adopted.

Shuster told DIY Photography that the project has been successful. “It helps a great deal, almost all of these dogs have been adopted within a couple days of being posted, some even have people lining up at the front door before we open.”

She said the dogs obviously don't understand what's going on, but they seem to like the attention. "The dogs really enjoy the photoshoots; they get to come out of their kennels and enjoy playing and being spoiled with lots of tasty treats!”

The photos are posted on the shelter's Facebook page, where she's developed quite a following. Below are some of her photogenic subjects:

Lady Doberman Humane Society UtahThe multi-talented Lady the Doberman showed off her skills in these adoption photos, and she had success in finding a home. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Zeke pittie boxer Humane Society of UtahPlease, no paparazzi, says Zeke. But the cameras flashed and the boxer/pittie mix was adopted. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Jack Humane Society UtahJack stuck his tongue out at the camera and still was adopted! (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Billy Holiday basset hound Humane Society UtahFlirting and winking did wonders for Billy Holiday the basset hound. She was adopted in no time. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Sissy pug mix Humane Society UtahSissy, an older pug mix, showed off her silly and sweet sides and was quickly adopted. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Lacey great dane Humane Society UtahBig and beautiful, Lacey the Great Dane likely attracted many suitors before she was adopted. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Australian Shepherd Cattle Dog Bandit Humane Society of UtahBandit, an Australian shepherd/cattle dog mix, may have been adopted based on his good looks and impressive catching skills. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Hooper hound dog Humane Society of UtahHooper the hound dog mix is looking for a home and hoping his smiling mug will attract the perfect family. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Annie English springer spaniel Humane Society of UtahDespite having a bad hair day, Annie the English springer spaniel mix attracted many admirers and an adopter with her photos. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Boss pittie mix Humane Society of UtahBoss is a pittie mix with panda-like markings and a love of treats (obviously!) and cuddles. Adopted! (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Koda border collie Humane Society of UtahKoda is a ball-of-energy border collie/Australian shepherd blend who was adopted after her glamour shots surfaced. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

beagle Sampson Utah Humane SocietyAnimated 4-year-old beagle Sampson was adopted after these smiling photos were circulated. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Flower bully mix Humane Society of UtahFlower, a loving bully breed mix who snores, slobbers and burps, was adopted after these sweet photos were taken. (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

Boomer lab blend Humane Society of UtahBoomer, a 1 1/2-year-old lab mix, is eager to please, high energy and very treat motivated. (Aren't we all?) (Photo: Humane Society of Utah/Facebook)

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