A three-legged black Labrador from Houston is teaching people across the globe an important lesson about living every day like it's your last.

Dukey was recently put to sleep after a veterinarian determined his cancerous tumor was too large to remove, but his legacy lives on, thanks to photographs of his last day that are touching the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

As Jordan Roberts prepared to say goodbye to her pet, she asked friend and photographer Roby Arouty to document Dukey's final day.

"Most people are so overcome with sadness when their pets get sick, so they don't think about celebration, not to mention photographing it," Arouty told Yahoo.

Arouty photographed 8-year-old Dukey as he munched on hamburgers, received snuggles and pets from friends, and took a three-legged romp through a water playground. (Dukey lost a front leg to cancer last year.)

After a fun-filled day with his loved ones, Dukey laid down on a blanket outside, where a veterinarian put him to sleep.

Arouty's touching series of photos quickly went viral, and countless pet owners have written to Roberts and Arouty expressing condolences and sharing their own stories of saying goodbye to canine companions.

"Dukey's story has created this beautiful forum for people to share stories of their beloved pets who have passed away. We read so many comments over the first 48 hours after the story was posted, but with all the sharing and feature stories, it's been beyond anything we ever could have imagined," Arouty said.

See more photos of Dukey's last day below.

Dukey the dog and groomer

Dukey's groomer gives him some love.

Dukey the dog playing in water

Dukey plays at a water playground.

Dukey's owner saying goodbye

Dukey's owner says her goodbyes.

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Dog's last day is reason for celebration, as well as tears
When Jordan Roberts learned her dog's cancer was untreatable, she chose to give him the perfect last day and had a friend photograph it.