Splashing in the surf, the taste of sea air and the fun of running in the sand. We're not the only ones who like going to the beach; many of our canine pals like the sights and sounds and smells of an ocean experience, too.

Some like wading into the water or digging in the sand. Some prefer racing up and down the shoreline. There are dogs who chase balls into the waves and others who prefer watching safely from dry land. There are critters to meet, other dogs to greet, and just so many places to explore. At the end of a beach day, no wonder dog (and owner) are so tuckered out.

We rounded up a dozen delightful doggos enjoying a day in the sun, surf and sand. It will make you want to pack a beach towel and join them.

Like this little guy who maybe got a little too up-close and personal with sand.

Brussels griffon dog with sandy face at the beach This little Brussels griffon took sand exploration to an entirely new level. (Photo: Womp1WompCity/imgur)

This Norwich terrier nearly became airborne when she discovered seagulls were amazingly fun to chase.

dog chasing seagulls at the beach At the beach, this terrier discovered seagulls are the new squirrels. (Photo: dayngerzone/imgur)

And this pup discovered there's something different about the way the air tastes near the water.

Dog tasting the salt air at the beach Can't you just taste that salt air? (Photo: Aidanbergin/imgur)

Throw a toy into the surf and water-loving pooches will splash through the rollicking waves to get to the object of their desire.

dog with toy at the beach The sand, the water and a toy equals heaven. (Photo: ca-e/flickr)

This owner posted, "I was walking my dog along the beach when suddenly she left my side, ran up onto some rocks, sat quietly and watched the surf for several minutes. Wonder what she was thinking about."

Life? Or maybe dinner.

dog watching the surf Sometimes you just have to take a minute to admire the beauty. (Photo: nattynitro/imgur)

A wet dog is a happy dog.

wet dog enjoying a calm moment on the beach in Ireland Who cares how your hair looks when you're on the beach? (Photo: ICouldNeverSpell/imgur)

Not a lot of dogs would sit still for this. (Payback: Lots of brushing and bathing to get all that sand out when you get home.)

dog buried in sand at the beach This dog looks so thrilled to be up to his neck in sand. (Photo: Brack752/imgur)

Wheeeeeeeee! The beach is amazing!

dog looks like he is skydiving at the beach On first glance, this happy beach dog looks like he's skydiving. (Photo: Stoffy/imgur)

OK, so dogs shouldn't eat people food, but it's the beach and it's hot and maybe it's a doggy ice cream cone.

dog with an ice cream cone on the beach Cooling off on the beach with his own ice cream cone. (Photo: saures/imgur)

Said the owner of his photo-gone-awry: "Tried to take a cool action shot of my dog at the beach.. she turned out looking like some sort of feral kangaroo."

dog running on beach looking like a feral kangaroo This dog really was having fun, she just looks a little scary. (Photo: squeekz/imgur)

What we all do after a great day at the beach...

happy Westie at the beach Louis was exhausted his first day at the dog beach. (Photo: woopsiedaisy/imgur)

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