dog trying to catch a ball This golden retriever is trying really, really hard to catch his ball. (Photo: natefly5/imgur)

Animals are just like people. When it comes to being coordinated, some just didn't inherit the athletic gene. But if these great pets didn't make the flyball championship team or get teased at the dog park — so what? They have amazing personalities and really, isn't it just about how hard you try?

Like Theo the Lab who does his best, but truly has no aim:

Then there's Kiwi the Yorkie who makes many, many valiant efforts with paws raised and mouth open to catch that darned evasive ball.

This pup has a serious case of the zoomies and nothing will stop him. Well, maybe something.

Some question whether Nana the Pyrenees has fading eyesight. Others say she's faking her poor catching abilities to get more treats.

Fritz has quite an online following as fans watch him not catch things like a steak, a strawberry, a chimichanga, a meatball and so many other things.

Sabai really has zero interest in the Frisbee. (Human not quite getting the hint.)

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This dog totally gets an "A" for effort. (The slo-mo makes his attempt so much more dramatic.)

Diesel is sure fond of his box lid and doesn't want to give it up, but we think maybe his owner should've taken it away a little earlier.

Catch me if you can! Oh, I see you can't.

The beach can be so much fun! (No one saw that, right?)

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