Drexel University students have turned their love of cats and gaming into a unique way to help the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' rescue cats.

Three students involved with the school's Entrepreneurial Game Studio (EGS) designed Galactickitties, a mobile game in which users rescue adorable customized kitties in outer space.

Each 99-cent download of the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play benefits the ASPCA.

"While you're saving cats from floating into oblivion, you're also helping the ASPCA's mission of saving lives," Timothy Day, an undergraduate computer science major and co-founder of Sweet Roll Studio, the student startup that created Galactickitties, told the Drexel News Blog.

Day and his Sweet Roll Studio design team, Travis Chandler and Jasmine Marcia, share a love of both gaming and animals.

"We've all had pets growing up, so it's a mission that's important to us," Chandler said. "And it's a way to make this more than just another mobile game."

In the video game, the user is a ball of yarn flying through space trying to collect as many free-floating felines as possible.

The more cats you save, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the more outfits — including glasses, wigs and even a robotic exoskeleton — you can buy for your rescued kitties.

But in order to save those cats, you'll have to dodge asteroids, satellites and other space debris.

"I'm proud of this group," said Dr. Frank Lee, EGS founder and the man behind that giant game of Tetris recently played on a Philadelphia skyscraper.

"In the end, they persevered and came up with an elegant and simple game that is fun to play. But more than that, they're also showing that games can be more than just for entertainment – they're using this game as a way to help animals."

Watch the game in action in the video below.

Laura Moss writes about a variety of topics with a focus on animals, science, language and culture. But she mostly writes about cats.

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The student-designed mobile game Galactickitties lets you save space-flying felines and benefit the ASPCA too.