Cat people, if you're anything like me, this is the job you've been dreaming of ever since a kitten first looked up at you and meowed.

The Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Dublin, Ireland, is seeking a full-time (!!) cat cuddler. And like the name says, it's just a cat clinic. No doggos allowed.

The listing for the position highlights some of the desired traits, including "being a crazy cat person who loves cats" (none of those other crazy cat people, please), a natural "cattitude" and becoming "warm and fuzzy" while petting kitties.

So far, so good. I'm the ideal candidate for this position, aside from the whole not living in Ireland thing. That's easy enough to fix, though.

In addition to the right traits, the cuddling job requires pretty standard skills applicable to other jobs, including the ability to communicate well and understand a second language. So not only are "gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time" required, you need to be able to "calm of the nerves" of cats going into and coming out of procedures and an "ability to understand different types of purring."

I have all of those skills. I am so totally a cat whisperer. A younger Robert Redford would've played me in the adaptation of the book ... had it not been about horses and was instead about cats.

The job also requires a "veterinary council of Ireland recognised qualification." Which ... I do not have. Well then. I guess I'm going to see if I can cancel that ticket to Dublin I just bought.

In all seriousness, the cat cuddler gig sounds pretty amazing, but there are likely volunteer opportunities at vets near you that do not require veterinary qualifications or a flight to Ireland. Those opportunities may not be as glamorous as petting and canoodling with kitties all day — what would be? — but you'll still be helping fluffy animals in need.

Wanted: Cat cuddler for Dublin vet
This Dublin-based cat cuddler job requires good cat sense and training in either veterinary medicine or nursing.