Eddie the rescue dog doesn't have long to live, but he certainly has packed a lot of adventures into his remaining time. Most recently, he got to suit up and be a police K-9 for a day, complete with answering dispatch calls, eating doughnuts and riding shotgun in a cruiser.

Eddie was seen wandering a remote area of Washington state for more than a month before animal control officers could finally convince the friendly pup that it was a good idea to be rescued. When they were able to examine him, they realized the handsome American Staffordshire terrier was a little off kilter when he walked and discovered it was due to an inoperable tumor on the right side of his head.

Knowing "Eddie Spaghetti" had only months to live, Kristi Kesler, his foster mom at Mikey's Chance rescue, decided to create a bucket list of fun things for the dog to do.

She wanted him to have adventures like play in the snow, go to a baseball game and have a steak dinner. High on the list was a chance for Eddie to be an honorary K-9 officer.

The dog lovers at the Pasco Police Department were happy to oblige.

Doughnuts and riding shotgun

Eddie shares a doughnut with his police pals You can't hang out with police officers and not get a doughnut. (Photo: Mikey's Chance)

"I thought maybe he might get his picture taken with an officer in a car, I thought maybe if he were lucky he might go for a car ride, but I never dreamed it would be this big for him," Kesler told KEPR.

Eddie was decked out in a custom-made bright yellow uniform with authentic police patches before being sworn in by Pasco's chief of police to "apprehend bad guys, search out narcotics and put people in jail … so help me God.”

Eddie K9 in police car Eddie rode shotgun all day because only bad guys sit in the back. (Photo: Mikey's Chance)

Then he hopped in the cruiser with Detective Julie Lee. Of course he rode shotgun in the front seat because, "The backseat is reserved for bad guys and Eddie is very much a good boy!" the rescue said.

Their first stop was a local body shop for "service to pick up property." There he was met with a gift basket of goodies and news that employees had donated to his vet bills.

'A true ambassador for his breed'

Eddie with Detective Lee Eddie stopped at the dispatch center where he was available for some 911 calls with Detective Lee. (Photo: Mikey's Chance)

From there they stopped at several pet stores where Eddie was showered with more treats. They visited the dispatch center where Eddie listened in on some 911 calls. He was stopped by fans of all ages when he was out in the cruiser because fans had been following his exploits all day online and made a point to go out to meet him. Of course, they made sure to stop for doughnuts.

"Eddie has an amazing day!" Mikey's Chance Executive Director Andrea Moreno told MNN. "He met so many wonderful people in our community and his tail never stopped wagging. He is a true ambassador for his breed."

Eddie the K9 with kids Eddie meets some pint-sized fans during his big day. (Photo: Mikey's Chance)

At the end of the day, Eddie was ready for a nap and Lee was sad to see him go.

"He is just such a lover. You would never suspect that he was abused or neglected," Lee told KEPR. "We believe in helping people and that also means helping animals in our community so we have all come together as a family and are all fighting alongside Eddie."

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Dying rescue dog is a police K-9 for a day
Eddie Spaghetti, a dying rescue dog, gets to suit up and be a police K-9 for a day.