The passing of a beloved family dog is never easy, but some people find solace from the loss by giving to others, by sharing the love they feel.

The human companions of Tilly the Labrador left a box of Tilly's toys in Gloucester's Tuffley Park with the message: "Please take a toy in memory of Tilly, 16th August 2007 - 8th March 2018." The box contained an assortment of much-loved balls and other toys that Tilly had enjoyed during her life.

The box was well-received by at least one dog, Django, another Labrador, who went digging through the box looking for a new toy.

Tilly's human companions intended the box to be an anonymous gift, but Gloucestershire Live sought out Tilly's family for a comment about the outpouring of support and love they had received thanks to their gift.

"I was so moved that people were sharing and sending condolences, it was amazing to know how many lives Tilly affected," Fiona Day, 19, told Gloucestershire Live. "This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, and I know my family, especially my dad, are just heartbroken but I'm happy that even after passing, Tilly was able to spread the same kind of joy she had been spreading her entire life.

"It was lovely to see other dogs appreciating Tilly's toys; it put a much needed smile on our faces."

Django goes digging through Tilly's old toys Django settled on an orange ball from Tilly's box of toys. (Photo: Tom Gibbon/Twitter)

Fiona's dad selected Tuffley Park to leave the toys because it was Tilly's favorite place to play.

"We live at Tuffley Crescent next to the field where my dad had left her toys, it was her favorite field to go to and she made so many friends there both human and pups."

Tilly was Fiona and her brother Chris's first dog. It took some convincing of their parents to adopt a dog, but after that found Tilly, they never looked back.

"We had a litter of puppies to choose from but we chose her because she was the only pup who stayed by our side, wagging her tail and getting excited when eventually all the other puppies had gotten bored and walked away, she has always been a puppy at heart and everyone that met her instantly fell in love."

Now Tilly's memory lives on in the balls that other dogs in the area can enjoy. Maybe they'll even take on one of Tilly's little quirks.

"Despite her love of chasing balls," Fiona said, "she never did bring them back; instead she would lie down and expect you to come to her — she was hopeless as a retriever, but we loved her more for that."

Family pays tribute to dog by sharing her toys
Tilly's human companions honored their beloved dog by leaving a box of her toys for the rest of the neighborhood pups to enjoy.