Would any amount of money be enough for you to part with your pet? What about $140,000 ($122,000 USD)?

That's how much an Australian family received for their fluffy feline in a recent real estate transaction.

The Percevals auctioned off their five-bedroom house this weekend for just over $2 million, but they got a surprising offer for more money during the closing.

The bidders offered an additional $140,000 if the Percevals would part with their 4-year-old cat, Tiffany.

It seems the bidders' daughter had fallen in love with the cat while touring the home.

"Tiffany decided she would sit on the couch," Fran Perceval told the Herald Sun. "People would come through, and she'd observe them and be patted. She loved all the attention — she does look a bit ornamental."

The bidders had joked about including Tiffany in the sale since the cat probably thought of the house as her property, and the little girl wanted to take them up on that.

The girl is undoubtedly excited that Tiffany will be her new pet, but the Percevals said their 19-year-old son, Sam, isn't quite so thrilled.

Sam adopted Tiffany from a pet store when she was just kitten.

"She was at the pet shop, the last of the litter, and he felt sorry for her," Fran told News.com.au.

She said it wasn't an easy decision to sell Tiffany but that Sam would be traveling overseas next year and could use the money to fund his trip.

"We're thinking we'll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose."

The Percevals, who also have two dogs, two rabbits and fish, say they're considering adopting a shelter cat when they move to their new home.

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Family sells pet cat as part of real estate deal
Bidders offered the Perceval family an additional $140,000 if they'd include their pet in the sale.