Piper, the unofficial mascot of Atlanta’s Beltline — a combination of rail, trail, greenspace and art — will no longer be found napping in her drainpipe or sunbathing along the Eastside Trail.  

The black cat gained national attention when someone installed a tiny mailbox outside her pipe for people to leave treats and “Tail Mail,” and she quickly gained a following on Twitter and Facebook.

Last week, the famous feline learned that the city planned to do grading work on her property and realized she had to move.

BeltLine Piper's house

Citing property taxes, construction noise and a leaky roof as factors in her decision, she put her home on the market.

BeltLine Piper home for sale with sign

Atlanta Developer Perennial Properties, which will be doing the BeltLine grading work, was quick to tweet an offer of $10,000 for the real estate.

BeltLine Piper Twitter

Although Piper thought the bid should be closer to $1 million for a celebrity cat’s home, the financially savvy feline accepted the offer when Perennial Properties sweetened the deal with gourmet cat food.

BeltLine Piper home sold

With the real estate deal closed, Piper took to Twitter and asked her followers if they had any leads on a rental home near the BeltLine.

BeltLine Piper Twitter

The Twittersphere responded, with offers of housing from Atlanta to California, but Piper insisted on staying close to the BeltLine.

A nearby homeowner sent Piper this photo of his Virginia Highland home just a couple blocks away, and a deal was quickly struck.

BeltLine Piper's new home

The feline packed her boxes and moved to her new digs over the weekend.

BeltLine Piper moving day

Piper is now enjoying the luxurious life of an indoor cat, but she promises to keep in touch with her fans. On Saturday, she posted this photo with the caption, "Took a nap in the landlord's lap earlier. Now I'm checking out the view from the kitchen. Tomatoes!"

BeltLine Piper's new home

Photos: BeltlinePiper/Facebook

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Famous Atlanta cat sells house, moves to forever home
BeltLine Piper sold her prime real estate along the Eastside Trail and is now enjoying life as an indoor cat a couple blocks away.