Despite the severity of the Tuesday fire in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, firefighters managed to save not only the surrounding buildings but also six dogs.

The blaze occurred in an apartment building under construction, and about 140 firefighters responded to it.

The dogs were recovered from adjacent structures and taken to an American Red Cross truck, where volunteers provided them with water and snacks of peanut butter-and-cheese crackers and multigrain bars.

One of the dogs, a German shepherd named Neska, was rescued from the apartment building across the street from the burning building.

Firefighters ran up five flights of stairs to rescue the canine after a window shattered and they heard her barking.

About an hour later, Neska’s owner, Cecilia Pang, located her missing dog at the Red Cross truck.

"I couldn't find her," she told The San Francisco Gate. "I ran up and down the street, but nobody could tell me where Animal Control was. I thought I would go out of my mind."

Red Cross volunteer Allison Biddinger said rescuers would work to reunite all the other dogs with their owners.

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Firefighters rescue 6 dogs from San Francisco fire
The fire destroyed an apartment building in Mission Bay, but several of man's best friends made it out just fine.