What seemed like a routine fire in Alabama turned out be a life-saving moment.

On Jan. 5, Alabama's Priceville Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire.

Firefighters extinguished the fire and then searched the house to make sure no one was inside.

But when volunteer firefighter David Wilson got back outside, the homeowner told him that Sadie, his 11-week-old pit bull puppy, was still in the bathroom.

Wilson re-entered the smoky building and found the tiny puppy, whose color made her blend into the bathroom floor.

pit pull puppy wearing oxygen mask"When I first saw her, she was unconscious on the floor and looked like she was sleeping, so I picked her up and took her outside and handed her to a police officer," Wilson told Dogster.com.

Officer Herman Davis placed an oxygen mask over the puppy's face and attempted to revive her.

After a few minutes, Sadie took a labored breath, and soon she was pawing and kicking as she tried to remove the mask.

"After that she received lot of loving from all that were there,” Wilson said. “When we left the scene she was a happy — albeit a little dirty — puppy."

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Firefighters rescue pit bull puppy from fire
The 11-week-old puppy was unconscious after inhaling smoke, but firefighters and police revived her.