German flight attendant Olivia Sievers often makes trips to Argentina on business. On one layover in Buenos Aires earlier this year, she made friends with a stray dog. She played with the sweet pup and gave him some food, so he stuck by her side.

Rubio sleeping on the street Sievers befriended the street dog who began waiting for her outside her hotel. (Photo: Olivia Sievers/Facebook)

"I tried to change my way because I didn't want that he follow me back to the hotel," she told Noticiero Trece. "But it was not possible. He always came back and followed me. I tried one hour, but he always watched me and followed me. He was really happy that somebody gave him attention."

While she was in town, Sievers spent as much time as possible with the dog, which she named Rubio. She gave him an airplane blanket to keep him warm at night, and he camped out at the entrance to her hotel and waited for her, often for hours.

Rubio the street dog and Olivia Sievers The friendly street dog was outside Sievers' hotel. (Photo: Olivia Sievers/Facebook)

But eventually Sievers had to return to Germany. She sadly bid Rubio goodbye, but the dog was definitely not forgotten. When she returned two months later, the dog was outside her hotel, as if he had been waiting for her. She worked hard to make arrangements to get her new pal adopted, but he had other plans. He escaped from his new owner and sat patiently waiting at Sievers' hotel instead.

Obviously, she had no choice. Sievers had to bring Rubio home to Germany.

The pup made the trip without incident and is now living happily with Sievers, easily making the transition from the streets of Buenos Aires to her home where he frolics with her other dogs and just enjoys life.

Olivia and Rubio at home in Germany. Olivia welcomes Rubio to his new home in Germany. (Photo: Olivia Sievers/Facebook)

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