As food trucks have become an increasingly popular option for gourmet food on the go, so it was only a matter of time until man's best friends got some food trucks of their own.

From California to Florida, you'll find creatively named trucks that cater to canine tastes with foods designed to be both healthy and doggone delicious.

In Chicago and San Diego, there's Fido to go, a "gourmutt" truck that offers gluten- and allergen-free canine cookies and frozen yogurt snacks.

Elizabeth, New Jersey, is home to Frosty Pooch, an ice cream truck that specializes in ice cream for dogs, where your canine companion can enjoy a variety of flavors that come in individual cups or in a homemade lactose-free "woofle bowl."

The Sit 'N Stay Pet Cafe in Orlando sells "human-grade, locally sourced, organic, natural and humanely raised/harvested ingredients."

With Love Ivan food truckColorado's With Love Ivan sells natural and organic treats, as well as toys and "doggy couture."

And Austin is home to Texas' first doggy food truck, Bow-Wow Bones, which can be found at the city's dog parks, peddling preservative-free dog snacks.

Even large pet food companies like Milo's Kitchen have joined the trend. The company's Doggie Treat Truck is currently touring the country and giving away domestically sourced treats with flavors like Chicken Meatball and Grilled Burger Bites.

Check out the truck's schedule to see when it'll be in your town.

Learn more about the latest food truck trend in the video below.

Photo: courtesy of With Love Ivan

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Food trucks are going to the dogs
Curbside gourmet food isn't just for humans anymore. Cities across the nation are catering to canine tastes with doggy food trucks.