Wearing serious goggles, all-terrain boots and a khaki padded vest, Frida the search and rescue dog has become a social media hero. But it's her amazing life-saving work and not her style that has earned her accolades. In her work with the Mexican Navy’s (SEMAR) Canine Unit, the Labrador has rescued 52 people, including at least a dozen from one of Mexico's recent earthquakes.

As one fan said on Twitter, not all heroes wear capes.

The hard-working dog, who is believed to be about 6 years old, has had paws on the ground in various natural disasters in national and international situations, according to a post from SEMAR.

Frida has become a hero amid tragedy. Frida has become a hero amid tragedy. (Photo: Gobierno de la Ciudad de México/Wikimedia Commons)

Frida has become a hero amid the tragedy of the deadly earthquake in central Mexico in mid-September, where more than 237 people died and 1,900 were injured. She's on the ground, searching for survivors, just like she was weeks earlier when an 8.1-magnitude earthquake devastated Oaxaca and Frida managed to rescue a dozen people, according to Metro.

Even the office of Mexico's president tweeted about the four-legged hero.

Images of Frida, including fan art, have made the rounds, with some supporters saying they would vote for her in an election.

Everyone loves a hero

Weeks after the earthquakes, Mexico's first responders were honored on the field in a ceremony before a World Cup qualifying match against Trinidad and Tobago. Mexican players handed jerseys to the rescue workers, reports Slate, but the crowd really cheered when Frida came on the field with her signature goggles, vest and boots.

The crowd chanted, “olé, olé, olé, olé, Frida, Frida.” Later, the team tweeted a photo of the four-legged hero enjoying the match, which Mexico won 3-1.

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Meet Frida, the dog who comes to the rescue whenever disaster strikes
Search and rescue dog Frida has become an online hero after saving more than 50 people so far, including 12 after Mexico's earthquake.