Two golden retrievers that were missing for two weeks are now back where they belong after one found his way home and led his owner to his canine brother.

On Sept. 26, Baxter and Bailey were tied together on a double leash outside their Sandwich, Mass., home, but somehow they got loose and ran away. Owner Penny Blackwell searched for the dogs, made fliers and asked for help from her Facebook community, but she couldn’t find them.

“I had pretty much given up hope that they were going to come home,” Blackwell told CBS.

Two weeks later, while she was on a business trip, Blackwell got a text from a friend saying one of the dogs had been found. When she returned home, she found an antsy Baxter waiting for her.

Blackwell took Baxter back to the area where he’d been found in hopes of finding Bailey, and the dog took the lead.

“Baxter kind of led me off the side through the woods. I had twigs in my eyes and leaves in my hair,” Blackwell said.

Baxter pulled Penny down a wooded path until they found Bailey, whose leash was tangled in some bushes.

“I could hardly get him untied because he was jumping on me and jumping on Baxter because he was so happy to see us,” Blackwell said.

The dogs each lost 8 to 10 pounds while they were missing, but other than that, Blackwell says Baxter and Bailey are happy and healthy.

“Baxter’s my hero for taking me there,” she said.

Check out a video of Bailey and Baxter below.

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