A special Great Dane puppy will one day assist a mobility-impaired person, thanks to the efforts of Carlene White, who revived Summer the puppy after birth.

Summer was one of six puppies recently born to Merlot, a Great Dane that’s part of the Service Dog Project, a nonprofit that breeds and trains dogs for people with severe balance and mobility limitations.

When she was born, the pup wasn’t moving, so White, director of the Service Dog project, stepped in — as you can see in the video above.

“When a pup slides out and has little to no muscle tone, I get after them right away,” she said. “Once you get some movement, it’s more rubbing and turning over as the mother would do when she licks them. I let her join in, but I keep rubbing.”

Great Danes are an ideal breed for people with balance and mobility impairments because of their size and strength. The dogs also require less exercise than many breeds, which makes them a good fit for people with disabilities.

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Great Dane puppy revived after birth
The pup wasn't moving, but Service Dog Project workers were able to resuscitate the creature that will one day assist a mobility-impaired person.