Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg wear matching seersucker suits Topher Brophy and Rosenberg sport matching seersucker suits and straw hats. (Photo: Topher Brophy/Instagram)

You often hear about people who look a little like their dogs. But Topher Brody and his pal, Rosenberg, not only look uncannily similar, they also share a taste in fashion.

When Brophy realized he and his Aussiedoodle shared a striking resemblance, he came up with a fun idea that he hoped would make people smile.

"We look so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us," Brophy told the Dodo.

They've donned matching cardigans and chest hair.

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They've ridden a horse in twin dusters and bandannas.

They've been hippies with tie-dye...

...and sailors in white.

When they're out and about, Brophy says people love stopping to say hello, especially little kids. "We spend a lot of time interacting with toddlers, many of whom are petting a dog for the first time," Brophy said. "He's great with them. Bringing people joy is a public service for us."

Besides their matching outfits, Brophy and Rosenberg also have eerily similar eyes.

They even have matching smiles, shown here as they were channeling Steve Jobs.

Brophy says Rosenberg is eager to wear every outfit and seems happy to be involved in what's going on around him.

"If we can make people smile, even for a second, we have something to be proud of — in addition to our matching, shiny, flowing manes and green eyes, of course."

You can follow the photogenic duo on Instagram.

Mary Jo DiLonardo writes about everything from health to parenting — and anything that helps explain why her dog does what he does.

A guy and his dog … wearing the same clothes
Topher Brody and his dog, Rosenberg, wear matching outfits because they look so uncannily similar.