Dangerous cold and heavy snowfall have hit Istanbul, where temperatures have dipped well below freezing and snow has been as heavy as 12 inches in parts of the city. With so many homeless dogs on the streets, kind-hearted people have been making an effort to keep them safe in such exceptionally bad conditions. They've been stopping on the street to offer boxes and blankets to the estimated 150,000 stray dogs in Istanbul.

Ali Cetrik took a photo of dogs swaddled in blankets outside a mall.

Translated, his post says, "I just took this picture as I was walking by 'Atrium Mall.' They put cardboard under and blankets on the street dogs. And a lady was feeding them. I felt warm. There are good people who make life beautiful. When she noticed that I was taking a picture, she did not want to be seen. What a heart 😊👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you."

Omer ivedi shared a similar image, where you can see that the homeless dogs also have piles of food next to them.

But people weren't just offering the dogs cardboard and blankets. At least one store, like this Penti clothing store in Istanbul, actually opened its doors and invited the dogs inside.

"Don't forget that only true love warms up...." Penti manager Arzu Inan wrote on Facebook when she shared the photos of the contented dogs in the store.

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Turkish mall rolls out the welcome mat for homeless dogs as temperatures plummet
Kind-hearted people are taking care of Turkey's homeless street dogs in frigid winter weather.