Cats have a knack for squeezing themselves into tiny spaces and curling up for what can often appear to be an uncomfortable nap. It's the well-known cat philosophy of "If I fits, I sits."

From boxes and baskets to cups and cartons, here are 17 photos of kitties getting comfy in curious spots.

cat in measuring cup

Photo: Lindsey Turner/flickr

cat napping in box

Photo: Windell Oskay/flickr

Maru in tiny box

Photo: evan p cordes/flickr

No cat loves boxes more than Maru, and no matter what the size, this large kitty from Japan will make himself fit.

kitten in shoe

Photo: Lori Hurley/flickr

This kitten looks to be about a size seven.

cat sleeping in sink

Photo: April Killingsworth/flickr

cat in bowl

Photo: reader of the pack/flickr

This cat's owner brought home an architectural model, and the feline wasted no time making himself right at home in this tiny house.

kitten in woman's hood

Photo: Tommy Hemmert Olesen/flickr

cat sleeping in egg carton

Photo: Jeff Youngstrom/flickr

Your average egg carton is made to hold a dozen eggs and one cat.

cat in square basket

Photo: Alisha Vargas/flickr

fluffy cat in clementine box

Photo: Helena Jacoba/flickr

cat in drawer

Photo: normanack/flickr

It's a tight fit, but this kitty seems to have made it work.

kitten sleeping in hat

Photo: Paddy and Dushi/flickr

siamese cat in a bowl

Photo: rainy city/flickr

cat in trash can

Photo: helena jacoba/flickr

cat asleep in sink

Photo: John Benson/flickr

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If I fits, I sits: 17 photos that prove cats can get comfortable anywhere
Our feline friends are incredibly talented when it comes to getting themselves to fit in tight spaces and peculiar places.