Penny and Roo

Photo: Duluth Animal Hospital/Facebook

More people are stopping by the Duluth Animal Hospital these days, but they're not there to pick up or drop off any pets — they're there to meet Penny Chicken and Roo.

The silky chicken and two-legged Chihuahua have risen to Internet fame since the Duluth, Ga., animal hospital began sharing photos of the unlikely duo on Facebook.

Penny was 9 weeks old when hospital employee Alicia Williams took her in. Penny was an experimental chicken at a local veterinary school that had run the course of her study.

Williams didn't know much about caring for chickens, but she learned quickly — and Penny began living the leisurely life of a pampered pet chicken.

The only downside to her new life was that Penny got restless being home alone.

Penny and Roo in towel"They are flock animals, so she was getting lonely," Williams told the Gwinnett Daily Post. "That’s when I started bringing her to work. She just became a regular."

It was at the hospital that Penny met Roo. The tiny Chihuahua was found freezing in a ditch last February. He'd been born without legs, likely due to his breeding, and Williams took him in too.

Penny and Roo soon became inseparable, and when the puppy reached his full size, a client donated money for him to get a wheelchair.

"He hated the wheelchair at first,"Williams said. "Now we call it the treat mobile because whenever he's in it, that's all that ever happens is treats. When we get it out, he wants to get in it."

Roo isn't the only one eating those treats though — Penny often steals his food. The mischievous chicken also runs off with Roo's chew toys on occasion.

Penny and Roo in snowBut it's all in good fun. The two frequently snuggle together and even share a carrier each morning on their way to the hospital, where they rule the roost.

The unlikely friends may have had rough beginnings, but they live a pampered life now, complete with trips to the beach and treks in the snow.

Penny and Roo share their home with another rescue animal, a pit bull saved from a dog-fighting ring. Williams says Penny has won her other dog's affection.

"All of our animals are kind of oddball animals rescued from bad situations," she said. "It's my heart."

Watch a heartwarming video about the inseparable pair below.

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In the land of second chances, fluffy chicken and 2-legged Chihuahua rule
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