Meet Wasabi-chan, an adorable kitten from Japan and the latest famous feline to conquer the Web.

A passerby rescued the tiny cat from a crow attack on June 2 and took her to a veterinarian. Wasabi-chan’s injuries included a fractured jaw, a ripped tongue and a hole in her throat.

Due to her oral injuries, the kitten required a catheter for feedings, but Wasabi-chan kept removing the tube from her mouth.

To prevent her from wiggling the feeding tube out, Wasabi-chan’s rescuer crocheted little outfits for her to limit her movement, including a mushroom costume.

When Wasabi-chan’s rescuer started documenting her recovery on Twitter and Instagram, the Web took notice, and the kitten quickly garnered quite the social media following.

However, not everyone found the crocheted kitty costumes to be cute. As one Reddit user posted, “Some pointed out the photo looks abusive, so the rescuer tweeted she'll not put any more of those.”

Today, Wasabi-chan has recovered and no longer requires a catheter, but her rescuer still posts frequent photos to appease the kitty’s many fans.

Take a look at some of Wasabi-Chan’s Internet-famous photos below.

Wasabi-Chan mushroom


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Injured kitten wears crocheted costumes to get better
Badly injured from a crow attack, little Wasabi-Chan was nursed back to health by a crafty rescuer in Japan.