You might not know where you stand on healthcare or economic policy, but what about the real issues? For instance, are you Team Cat or Team Dog?


You can cast your vote on this hot issue now through Nov. 8 as part of America’s Pet Debate. Purina is calling all animal lovers to vote for either felines or canines and engage in the lighthearted fight of cats versus dogs.


Once all the votes are in, Purina will declare America to be either a cat nation or dog nation on Nov. 9.


The purpose of America’s Pet Debate initiative is to raise money for Pet Partners, a Bellevue, Wash., nonprofit group that provides animal-assisted therapy to military veterans. For each vote cast, Purina will donate $1 toward its $100,000 goal to Pet Partners.


NFL legends Terry Bradshaw, a devoted dog person, and Howie Long, a committed cat person, have gotten in on the debate to raise awareness of the benefits of pet ownership.


"Dogs have been a part of my life since my earliest childhood memories,” Bradshaw said in a news release. “I can't imagine coming home and not having at least one dog greet me. Every day I enjoy the companionship and fun that comes with owning dogs.”


However, Long countered with an argument on behalf of Team Cat.


"As an owner of four pets, including two cats, JoBu and Lucky, I've experienced firsthand the many benefits of owning a pet,” he said. “My family and I rescued our cats when they were just kittens and gave them a safe home. Our cats have given us a lot back — they like you every day no matter what — even if you've had a bad day.”


But although Bradshaw and Long represent opposing sides, they agree that both cats and dogs provide people with numerous health benefits. Research shows that pets reduce blood pressure and lower risks of heart disease, among other benefits.


Cast your vote for Team Cat or Team dog at or at One vote is allowed per day.


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It's cat vs. dog: What's America's favorite pet?
Cast your vote in America's Pet Debate to decide whether the U.S. is a cat nation or a dog nation. Purina is calling all animal lovers to vote, raising money fo