Cats have a reputation as being entitled and perhaps even a little arrogant, so it's only fitting that they have a wine to call their own.

Of course, the cats themselves don’t seem to be too crazy about it.

wine for catsNyan Nyan Nouveau, a nonalcoholic wine for felines, goes on sale Tuesday. ("Nyan" is the meow sound in Japanese.)

The wine is made from Cabernet grape juice, but it also has a little vitamin C and catnip mixed in.

However, in product testing, only one in 10 were cats were actually willing to taste the wine, according to B&H Life, the company that makes the beverage.

Despite the felines' disinterest, Masahito Tsurumi, chief executive of B&H Life, expects the wine to sell well.

"Cat owners were complaining there was no gift they could give their pets, while dogs could get sunglasses, raincoats, and boots. Even though cats may not drink the wine, owners still want it for them," he told The Wall Street Journal.

Bottles of Nyan Nyan Nouveau sell for $4 or 399 yen, but you better act fast if you want to share a toast with your tabby. B&H Life has produced only 1,000 bottles.

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Japan makes Cabernet for cats
9 out of 10 cats may turn their noses up at it, but the makers of Nyan Nyan Nouveau still expect cat lovers to buy it.