Three dogs taken from the Cleveland home of Ariel Castro, the man charged with kidnapping and raping three women over a decade, will remain in foster care until the women decide if they want to adopt them.

The women may have bonded with the dogs during their captivity, and it's possible the animals could help the women as the acclimate to freedom, says John Baird, chief Cleveland animal control officer.

"It kind of makes sense, maybe that there were three dogs, three women," he told The Associated Press. "They may have bonded with these dogs. and we would like for them to have a shot at them if they want them, just because it was something they could attach themselves to."

Dogs Unlimited Rescue will care for the dogs until Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight make a decision.

The dogs include a Chihuahua and two terrier-poodle mixes. The rescue group said the animals had matted hair, but otherwise appeared to be in good health. The dogs have since been groomed and spayed and neutered.

"The animals aren't very shy, so that's usually a sign that they've been cared for at least in some way," Baird told local Cleveland station WOIO.

To learn more about the rescued dogs, watch the video below.

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Kidnapped women will have chance to adopt Ariel Castro's dogs
Authorities say the women may have bonded with the animals — which are in good health — during their decade-long imprisonment.