Happiness is a sleeping kitten. Or a purring kitten. Or a playing kitten. Any kitty being seriously cute is enough to make the average day a whole lot better.

With that in mind, here are a dozen delightful moments of kitten zen guaranteed to make you smile.

To start things off, there's the warmth you get from watching the purring kitten up above.

And below, Rocky tries really hard to keep playing, but he just can't keep his eyes open.

How about a kitten head massage?

Oskar, a blind kitten, plays with toys for the first time.

There's something mesmerizing about dabbling in a bowl of water.

Pooky loves to listen to music to fall asleep. She doesn't like when the tunes stop.

Dex the Cheshire cat snoozes happily.

Chip the puppy and Adele the kitty slumber together.

Not a care in the world. Who needs a bed when you have a basket?

Peanut loves his mama's tail.

When you're just a newborn and you're trying to sleep ... times two:

kitten curled up in a ball Shhhhh ... this is a kitten sleeping zone. (Photo: moonsprite/Reddit)

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12 moments of kitten zen
Relax with these adorable moments of kittens sleeping, purring and generally being cute. Repeat as needed.