Actress Lauren Bacall, who died Aug. 12, made sure her beloved dog, Sophie, would be provided for by leaving $10,000 for her care.

The 89-year-old movie star, who died of a stroke in her Manhattan apartment, specified that her son Sam Robards would care for the Papillon.

Most of Bacall’s $26 million estate is to be divided among her three children: Leslie Bogart, Stephen Bogart, and Robards, Sophie’s caregiver.

She also left $250,000 to each of her six grandchildren and five-figure bequests to two of her employees.

Bacall was a lifelong dog lover and described her young self as a “dog yearner” during a 2008 interview with Glenn Close.

"I didn't have a dog growing up in the city with a working mother,” she said. “As an only child, I yearned for someone to talk to. When I was 16, we got a champagne-colored cocker spaniel and named him Droopy. From the first moment, [Droopy] was very possessive of me. All my dogs have been possessive of me."

Bacall has had dogs ever since, and Sophie was always by her side later in life.

She often walked the small pup around her apartment, and Sophie accompanied her on the red carpet at the Toronto and Berlin film festivals.

Jacqui Kaese, an acting coach who worked on the set of the 2004 movie “Birth,” said she and Sophie were inseperable.

“[She] never went anywhere without that dog," Kaese told the Times Colonist. "That dog was royalty."

Becall isn’t the first millionaire to leave money for the care of her canine companion. In fact, Sophie’s $10,000 seems meager compared to the diamonds, mansions and private jets others have bequeathed their pets.

In the video below, watch Bacall interact with Sophie when Glenn Close interviews her for

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Lauren Bacall leaves thousands to beloved dog
The actress left $10,000 of her $26 million estate to her Papillon, Sophie.