pit bull and cat cuddle

Sabrina Paige has just about the cutest trio of pets on Instagram, and her avid followers are proof that we all love a good cuddle session among dogs and cats. Located in Washington, D.C, Paige picked up photography as a hobby as she volunteered to photograph adoptable pets at a local animal shelter when she lived in New York City. She received positive and encouraging feedback about her images, and so got more serious about photography. And who better to be models than her adorable brindle dog Skyler, her tabby cat Willie Nelson, and the beautiful grey pit bull Blue. Their cuddle sessions have turned into an Instagram obsession with thousands of people following @thebluebies.

dog and cat cuddling

"They each have very different personalities, but one trait they share is a total disregard for personal space, so they end up cuddling a lot," Paige told MNN. "People often ask who initiates their snuggle sessions and it's mostly Willie Nelson. He's basically the coolest cat ever and even people who don't care for cats have grown to love him. Blue and Skyler are both over-the-top affectionate with everyone and can always cheer you up when you're feeling down. Blue has a lot of energy and loves to 'work' so this makes him a great dog for a photographer, he never gets bored of posing or holding things in his mouth."

dogs and cats cuddling

But her photos are about more that just the love shared between her pets. There is also a message that Skyler, Willie Nelson and Blue help to spread.

"I always loved animals and really wanted to save a life as opposed to buying a pet. Adopting Skyler was basically the first thing I did when I moved out on my own, before I even had furniture in my apartment," says Paige. "I know there is a misguided belief that shelter animals are all damaged or broken, and mine are great examples of how this is completely untrue. I know they inspire others who meet them to adopt. I've been contacted by a bunch of people who adopted their dog because of my photos, and it's always very sweet to hear from them and see how well the dogs are doing, I've even found a few dogs I remember from the shelter on Instagram!"

Instagram has been an ideal way for Paige to show off her artistic talents as well as the love between her pets. "I love Instagram because it proves you don't need fancy or expensive equipment to produce beautiful or interesting pictures (all my pictures are taken with only my iPhone) and enjoy seeing so many people all over the world who love their pets and love photographing them too!"

cat and pit bull cuddling

dogs and a cat cuddling

cat and dog snuggling

pit bull and cat cuddle

dog and cat cuddle together

dogs and a cat under a blanket

pit bull and cat sleeping together

Be sure to check out more of this adorableness on Instagram by following Sabrina Paige at @thebluebies.

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