When DJ Thomas Neil Rodriguez learned earlier this year that his 16-year-old dog had only weeks to live, he was devastated.

He’d adopted Poh as a puppy from a New York shelter in 1999, but the once-healthy pit bull-lab mix now had numerous tumors as well as kidney failure.

"They were like, we can't tell you [how much time he has left] but you could have days. He could be gone any day," he told New York Daily News.

Rodriguez had a gig scheduled in Arizona in March, but he wasn’t about to leave Poh alone for what could be his final days. So he and his fiancée decided to embark on a road trip and cross items of Poh’s bucket list.

The trio left New York on March 6, and Rodriguez started an Instagram account to share Poh’s cross-country journey.

Poh, who requires a daily IV drip, was photographed in front of numerous U.S. landmarks along the way, and when the family arrived in Arizona, Rodriguez decided to continue their road trip.

Since then, Poh has traveled thousands of miles and been photographed in more than 35 U.S. cities. He has dipped his paws in the Pacific Ocean, posed in front of the Alamo and had his belly rubbed on the National Mall.

Now, Poh is back home in the Big Apple, but his urban explorations continue. Take a look at his Instagram page, and you’ll see Poh visiting Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and One World Trade Center.

Rodriguez says he’s blessed to have spent months with Poh instead of the few days he thought he’d get when his pet received a terminal diagnosis.

"I am super blessed that I have actually gotten to do this,” he said. "People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me."

Take a look at some of Poh's adventures in the photos below.

This morning #pohthedog had a really bad seizure, I cried out in pain. Thankfully dad was close by and helped me out. I was able to stand on my own two feet afterwards, still a fighter. Don't worry everyone I'm still here and still kicking, but it was something to remind me again not to take my time for granted. We've been slacking just lounging around the apartment, but I'm going to be out and about in Brooklyn! first to Maccaren dog run around noon - 12:30 in Williamsburg area, and then to hang out with a bunch of corgi's in hillside Park around 1:30 http://www.meetup.com/New-York-Corgi-Meetup/events/221826737/ always nice to meet other dog owners, if u are free today to enjoy the day please come out! This is a picture from when I was out in Fort funston in San Francisco. Can't wait to go explore #nyc today!
A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on
May 3, 2015 at 6:15am PDT
This is my tough guy face:) #pohthedogsbigadventure on my way to Austin Texas! If you can join us tonite, me and my parents will be at @jennasasiankitchen for #DinnerAndAMixtape from 5:30 to 10:30. Head over to bit.ly/dinnerandamixtapeaus for more info.
A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on
Apr 11, 2015 at 8:16am PDT
Belly rubs on the grass at the National mall In dc. Now that's what I call presidential treatment.
A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on
Apr 20, 2015 at 9:15am PDT
We took a detour... To the A! Quick stop in hotlanta before heading north :) #dog #puppy #pup #cute #eyes #instagood #dogs_of_instagram #pet #pets #animal #animals #petstagram #petsagram #dogsitting #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog #instagramdogs #nature #dogstagram #dogoftheday #lovedogs #lovepuppies #hound #adorable #doglover #instapuppy #instadog
A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on
Apr 16, 2015 at 6:24pm PDT
My dad brought me to coney Island! This is my first time here even though I've lived in #nyc for 15 yrs! I'm gonna look for jesus shuttlesworth, and the Warriors! :) #pohthedogsbigadventure #dog #dog #puppy #pup #cute #eyes #instagood #dogs_of_instagram #pet #pets #animal #animals #petstagram #petsagram #dogsitting #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydog #instagramdogs #nature #dogstagram #dogoftheday #lovedogs #lovepuppies #hound #adorable #doglover #instapuppy #instadog
A photo posted by poh the dog (@pohthedogsbigadventure) on
May 24, 2015 at 6:10pm PDT

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