Luke Robinson and his two dogs recently set off on a 2,000-mile West Coast journey from Canada to Mexico — on foot.

It's not the first time the 43-year-old and his dogs have trekked thousands of miles. In 2008, they walked the East Coast.

Robinson embarked on these long-distance journeys to raise awareness about an alarming statistic: 4 to 6 million dogs die from canine cancer each year.

Robinson lost his Great Pyrenees Malcolm to cancer in 2006, which inspired him to start the Puppy Up Foundation, a national organization that raises awareness and support for canine cancer.

"We know dogs get the same types of cancer that we do. The question is why? That is what our foundation strives for," Robinson said in a news release.

He began his six-month West Coast trek — along with his dogs, Hudson and Indiana — on May 10. The dogs are outfitted with Tagg GPS tracker collars so their travels can be followed online.

"We hope to encourage people to come out and walk a mile, walk a day, or walk a week with us since all of us have been touched by cancer," Robinson said.

Consumers who purchase a Tagg GPS pet tracker during Robinson's walk can get 10 percent off the cost of the device with the coupon code "2dogs." When the journey concludes, Tagg will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from purchases with the code to the Puppy Up Foundation.

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Man walks 2,000 miles to help save dogs
After losing his dog to canine cancer in 2006, Luke Robinson set out to raise awareness about a disease that kills 4 to 6 million dogs each year.