What do the metal bands Murder Construct, Morbid Angel, Cattle Decapitation and Napalm Death all have in common? Their members love cats.

Metal Cats bookThe band names may be less than cuddly, but photographer Alexandra Crockett's book "Metal Cats" proves these musicians enjoy petting Persians and cuddling with calicos.

The 176-page book features color photographs of adorable kitties and the hardcore metal fans who love them.

Although cats and metalheads might seem like an unlikely pairing, Crockett’s photos show the bond between these men and their furry feline friends.

"Metal isn't all dark and disturbing, violent, and misanthropic,” reads the book’s description. "'Metal Cats' is proof that while the music may be brutal, the people in the scene are softies for their pets just like you and me."

The book comes out on May 6, and a portion of its sales — as well as a series of benefit shows along the West Coast — will go toward a no-kill shelter in each of the four main cities visited.

Check out some of Crockett’s incredible photos below.

metal guy with orange cat

metal guy with kitten on head

metal guy with long hair and cat

metal guy with tabby cat

black and white metal guy with cat

man with black cat

man with mask and kitten

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Meet the 'cat ladies' of the metal scene
In her book 'Metal Cats,' photographer Alexandra Crockett reveals the kitty-loving side of metal musicians and their fans.