Cats may rule the Internet, but there's a special place in the Web's heart for man's best friend too.

However, while some of the most popular pooches reign supreme on Instagram or Twitter, others have taken over Facebook, amassing more "likes" than other canines.

Below, take a look at the dogs who rule the world’s most popular social network.

Boo Facebook page

1. Boo, 16 million likes

Boo, who's known as the "World's Cutest Dog," has millions of fans worldwide, as well as his very own book and plush toy. The precious Pomeranian made his debut on social media in 2009, and while his owner expected Boo's adorable face to garner a few "likes," she sure didn't expect him to become the most popular dog on Facebook.

Beast Facebook page

2. Beast, 2 million likes

Beast, a type of Hungarian sheepdog known as a Puli, is the prized pet of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. According to Chan, the mop-like dog is Zuckerberg's second priority — right after Facebook.

Jiff Facebook page

3. Jiff, 1.3 million likes

This fluffy Pomeranian is a canine actor and model who's appeared in everything from Banana Republic ads to Katie Perry videos. In addition to his acting and modeling credits, Jiff also holds of Guinness World Records for two-legged speed, earning him the nickname "Fastest Dog on Two Paws."

Manny Facebook page

4. Manny the Frenchie, 982,000 likes

You can find Manny's face on most everything these days: purses, pillows, T-shirts, etc. The French Bulldog rose to fame when his owners began posting photos of him — often napping in the sink — on Instagram. The tiny dog is currently on a U.S. tour to raise money for animal charities.

Minnie and Max Facebook page

5. Minnie and Max the pugs, 919,000 likes

These precious pugs earned their fame after a video of them tilting their heads went viral. Since then, the dogs have made numerous television appearances and amassed thousands of followers across several social networking sites.

Mishka Facebook page

6. Mishka the Talking Husky, 613,000 likes

Mishka has been featured on TV and radio shows — and all across the Web — for her impressive talking and singing skills. The 12-year-old Siberian Husky is perhaps best known for her sweet ability to say "I love you."

Fifty pit bull Facebook page

7. Fifty the two-legged pit bull, 321,000 likes

After being shot by a police officer in what's been called "breed discrimination," Fifty had both legs on his right side amputated. Now the two-legged pit bull shares his story to help save pitties and other dogs in need.

Marnie dog Facebook page

8. Marnie, 304,000 likes

Marnie was 10 years old when she was found by animal control on the streets of Connecticut. The senior dog was smelly and matted, earning herself the name "Stinky," and it was suspected that she was blind in one eye. However, after she was adopted and given a new name and a lot of care, Marnie's eye cleaned up and "her personality began to shine through," according to her owner.

Susie dog Facebook page

9. Susie, 289,000 likes

As the face of Susie's Senior Dogs, this adorable pooch advocates the adoption of senior dogs, which are often overlooked in shelters. Her thousands of followers enjoy the heartwarming adoption stories she shares across social media.

Denver dog Facebook page

10. Denver Our Guilty Dog, 179,000 likes

Denver rocketed into fame in 2011 when this video of her hilariously guilty smile went viral. The Labrador retriever has now been immortalized in "The Adventures of Denver the Guilty Dog," a series of children's books.

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