Move over, Bernie Brewer. The Milwaukee Brewers have a new mascot.

He's got curly hair, an adorable face and a brand-new team uniform. He also has four legs.

Meet Hank, the stray dog that wandered into the Brewers' spring training facility in Arizona last week.

Named after Milwaukee baseball great Hank Aaron, Hank "the ballpark pup" has found a home with the Wisconsin team.

A team staff member took the stray dog to the vet where he got a bath and his shots, and now Hank spends his days roaming staff offices and running around the baseball field.

At night, the dog goes home with one of the Brewers' team members, and although it's uncertain who will become Hank's permanent caregiver, there's no doubt the pup will be in good hands.

"We'll make sure Hank either has a great home here or back in Milwaukee by the time we leave," Tyler Barnes, vice president of communications for the Brewers, told USA Today. "We're going to have some fun with him down here, take great care of him. He's already stolen everybody's hearts down here. We'll make sure Hank's not going to be a stray any longer."

To stay up to date with all of Hank's escapades at spring training, follow the #CactusCrew and #BallparkPup hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Watch pitcher Yovani Gallardo give a scouting report on the Brewers' first canine teammate in the video below.

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Milwaukee Brewers adopt stray dog as spring training mascot
The homeless pup stole players' hearts, so they took him in and named him after baseball legend Hank Aaron.