Liz Stavrinides has a passion for two things — animals and photography — and her new book, "Miracle Dogs: Rescue Stories," illustrates her love for both.

Miracle Dogs book coverThe book features photos of rescue dogs and their owners and shares heartwarming stories that Stavrinides hopes will inspire others to open their homes to shelter animals.

"I have always wanted my photography to not only move people but to make a significant impact to help homeless animals," she writes.

Here's a look at some of the touching tales from "Miracle Dogs."

Singer with a soft spot for dogs

When former 'N Sync member Lance Bass went to a Los Angeles shelter to adopt a pet, he expected to come home with one dog.

But after hearing the heartbreaking story of how a litter of puppies had been thrown from a speeding car, he knew he couldn't separate the survivors and adopted them both.

After multiple surgeries, Australian shepherd mixes Dingo and Foster recovered from their injuries, and Bass says they're "the greatest dogs ever."

Not long after, Bass added a third dog to his canine family when he adopted Lily, a terrier mix that had been used as bait in dogfighting.

"The nicest, sweetest, loving dogs come from the pound," he said. "They started with a rough life being sent away, not being loved and wanted, and they know that, and it stays with them the rest of their lives."

Tiny dog teaches big life lesson

Caryn Rosenthal with dog Jax

Caryn Rosenthal says it's hard to believe how far her six-pound dachshund/spaniel mix has come since she rescued him from a New York shelter.

Tiny Jax has a larger-than-life personality, but when he developed a disc problem that affected his ability to walk, the pup became a different dog. He sulked and lost his appetite, and Rosenthal worried he'd lost his will to live.

Spinal surgery didn't help, but then Rosenthal heard about Doggon' Wheels and had Jax fitted for a doggy wheelchair.

Jax took to his wheels quickly, and neighbors began calling him "Fearless Jax."

"Jax has become an ambassador of courage that spreads the word about how to never give up, no matter how much life throws at you," Rosenthal writes.

A tale of 2 dogs

Chevy Chase with rescued golden retrievers

Actor Chevy Chase already had two Labradors when he got a call from the director of Puppies Behind Bars, a prison program that teaches inmates to train dogs for people with disabilities.

Chase has long been a fan of the program, so when he heard there was a golden Lab that wasn't eligible for the program because of his food allergies, he agreed to meet Chris the dog.

The two had an instant connection and Chase and his wife adopted Chris.

A year later, Chase heard about a 10-year-old golden Lab that was heading back to a shelter after none of his foster homes chose to keep him.

Chase and his family couldn't bear the thought of an older dog living out his days at a shelter, so they adopted Cody.

It took some time for Chris to accept Cody and learn to share his humans, but now the two are inseparable — from each other and from Chase.

Take a look at some more photos from "Miracle Dogs" below.

Hoda with rescue dog

"Today" show co-anchor Hoda Kotb poses with her rescued cockapoo, Blake.

Ruta Lee with rescue dogs

Actress Ruta Lee takes a stroll with her parrot, Samy, and her three dogs Rootsie Tootsie, Nicole and Sparky.

Jamie_lynn Sigler with rescue dog

Jamie-Lynn Sigle is best known for her role as Tony Soprano's daughter on "The Sopranos," but she's also a mother to her son, Beau, and her rescue dog, Bean.

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'Miracle Dogs' celebrates rescue dogs and their owners
Pet photographer Liz Stavrinides shares feel-good stories from animal organizations, dog trainers and celebrity pet owners.