mama dog and nine puppies in a box The mother dog is a bit timid, but she's focused on caring for her nine puppies. (Photo: BC SPCA)

Among the mounds of discarded junk and household waste, a Good Samaritan found a closed box at the Puntzi Lake landfill in British Columbia. Curious what was inside, they opened the flaps only to find a mother dog and nine newborn puppies.

The mother dog — later named Casey — was very thin and her puppies looked to be only about a week old. The box was completely sealed so there was little chance the dog and her pups could make their way to safety.

Their rescuer took them to a vet clinic where they spent the night. Then they were taken to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA) where they found a foster family in the BC SPCA's Quesnel & District Branch.

According to SPCA staff, Casey is likely a border collie/husky mix. She's a little timid but sweet, and is focused on caring for her babies. The shelter has been inundated with emails and calls from people wanting to adopt members of this furry little family.

"We are not taking adoption applications at this time, nor are we able to keep a wait list of interested parties for later," the shelter wrote on a Facebook post. "We are receiving ~40 adoption inquires per hour and our small team is not able to respond to them all immediately, please be patient as we do have many other animals in care who also require our time and attention."

mama dog Casey and puppies Casey and her puppies are now in a foster home. (Photo: BC SPCA)

In the meantime, the small shelter is asking for donations of puppy pads, teething toys, sheets and small collars, and is accepting monetary donations on its website to help pay for the dogs' care.

Although Casey and her puppies are now safe, the BC SPCA is trying to find whoever abandoned them.

"There is no excuse for simply walking away from a pet and leaving them to die," said Lorie Chortyk, the SPCA’s general manager of communications, in a news release. "Abandoning animals is against the law and individuals can be prosecuted for their crime."

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Mother dog and 9 puppies discovered at landfill are getting the care they need
Someone abandoned 9 newborn puppies and their mother in a sealed box in a dump in British Columbia.