We bipeds have enjoyed our choice of healthy, well-designed, Earth-friendly water bottles for a long time, but our canine companions haven’t been so lucky. Up until now, their options for thirst-quenching abroad have been messy and wasteful. Pups either had to catch as much water as they could from a regular bottle (a waste of water), drink from the attached “dish” of an old-school dog bottle (messy and wasteful), or enlist their owners to lug a whole separate dish along for the hike (messy, wasteful, and more clutter in your pack).

Now, thanks to a brand new, patent-pending pet water bottle design from the folks over at M.K. Distributors, Inc., owners of Good Life Gear ™, Fido can stay hydrated without wasting water and creating a mess. The BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel bottles employ an apparatus similar to the bottles you see in hamster cages: When inverted, a smooth, stainless steel roller ball releases water as your pooch licks it. This allows your furry friends to drink as much as they need, while saving the rest for later with no backwash or water waste.

Each bottle has two leak-resistant caps, one that attaches to the smaller drinking spout, and another that opens up with a wide mouth, allowing for easy filling and cleaning. A handy carabineer is included for easy attachment to belt loops or back packs.

Mark Krasner, the man behind Good Life Gear ™, came up with the idea for the bottle one afternoon following a frustrating trip to a pet store. Unable to find a bottle that would fit into a cup holder and didn’t require being poured out into a bowl, Krasner doggedly decided to take matters into his own hands. Already in the bottle manufacturing business, he felt confident that he could come up with something better for his three mixed labs.

He set to work developing the concept, and when the prototypes were made, he immediately tested the bottle on his 3-, 7- and 11-year-old dogs. When they all started licking and drinking immediately, Krasner knew he was on to something.

In addition to the clever design, Krasner is especially proud of his bottles’ Earth-friendly nature.

“It’s a green product in that it can all be recycled, and you can refill and reuse it. You’re reducing waste and you’re saving water.”

He’s also proud of the reception his bottles have enjoyed.

“People write in about how great the product is, and how much their dogs love it,” he says, adding that the product recently won a coveted award at the California Gift Show.

The bottles are currently available in three designs — Bone, Paw and Brushed Stainless — with two more designs, Puppy Pirate and Puppy Love, coming in early April.

If you’re an old dog looking for new tricks, Good Life Gear’s new pet water bottle may be just what you’ve been sniffing around for. Even better: The company is currently offering a special deal on the bottles just for Mother Nature Network readers. Lap yours up today by visiting their site.

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