While being interviewed on the red carpet last night before the Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actor nominee Nick Nolte mentioned an unusual pet: a crow.


The actor, currently visible in HBO's drama "Luck," said he has owned two crows. One, named John David Crow, appeared in many scenes of Oliver Stone's film "U-Turn," in which Nolte played one of the villains.



Crows might be unusual pets, but that doesn't mean they aren't loved. YouTube is full of videos of people showing off their pet crows:



According to the American Society of Crows and Ravens, migratory birds like crows are protected under federal law and permits are required to keep them as pets.


Crows are some of nature's most intelligent birds. They not only teach their young to use tools and gossip about humans who mistreat them, research shows they use mirrors to hunt and can actually multitask. One pet raven has even been trained to find lost objects.

Nick Nolte mentions pet crow on Oscar red carpet
Bird was his co-star in Oliver Stone's 'U-Turn.'