When Bella the pug first broke her elbow, the vet fixed it and told her family to keep her confined so the limb could heal. For whatever reason, that didn't happen and she broke it again. At some point, she broke her other elbow too. Her family couldn't afford to give her the medical care she needed but they wouldn't relinquish her to the animal hospital.

For nine long months, Bella lived in limbo at the vet's until a volunteer at the rescue group Pug Nation heard her story and convinced her family to let them take her in.

Bella was cared for by a foster mom who was amazed at how the sweet little pug managed to get around. Sometimes she runs on two legs; at other times, she waddles a little like a seal. She does whatever it takes to get around. Her foster mom immediately fell in love with the spirited, big-hearted dog and adopted her.

You can learn more about Bella's story in the video below:

Since this video was made, Bella has had surgery to amputate her broken legs and is waiting for a wheelchair to help her get around even faster.

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Nothing stops pug with 2 broken elbows
With two broken limbs, nothing stops Bella the pug who runs on two legs or waddles like a seal.