A couple weeks ago, Outdoor Retailer held an adoption event for shelter dogs. But it wasn't just any event — this was specifically for high-energy, adventure-loving dogs seeking high-energy, adventure-loving humans. This matchup can be tough to find at a rescue or shelter, but what if the adoption event takes place where outdoorsy folks shop? Wouldn't the potential for love at first wag be higher? It turns out that's exactly what happens.

Ruffwear and Best Friends Animal Society created the Ruff Adventure Dog Adoption Program to place usually hard-to-home dogs — dogs that need a lot of exercise and outdoor activity and require a home with someone who wants a companion for trail runs, hiking, camping and other fun activities. They put the program to the test at Outdoor Retailer.

Among those who found a home are:

Jennifer finds Krone

Jennifer and Krone bond after meeting at an Outdoor Retailer event. Jennifer and Krone bond after meeting at an Outdoor Retailer event. (Photo: Ruffwear)

Huck finds Gerald

A match made in outdoor-loving heaven. It's a match made in outdoor-loving heaven for Huck the dog and Gerald, his new owner. (Photo: Ruffwear)

Niko finds his future parents

A future of happy tail-wagging adventure awaits. A future of happy tail-wagging adventure awaits for Niko, the black and white dog pictured at left. (Photo: Ruffwear)

"Over the course of two days, Best Friends’ Salt Lake City partner, Rescue Rovers, brought in eight fresh air-seeking, adventure-ready dogs to the Salt Palace. [I]t wasn’t long before people stopped by the Ruffwear booth to hand in their adoption requests. Of the eight dogs who attended, six were adopted," says the press release from Ruffwear.

“People expect us to have dogs at the booth, and they’re always a draw. But we had no idea how receptive show attendees would be to actually adopting these dogs. Rescue Rovers did a great job bringing dogs that would pair well with our active, outdoorsy crowd. I think the first application came in just hours after the dogs arrived and by the end of the first day, nearly all dogs present had applications pending; it was amazing,” said Greg Freyberg, Ruffwear’s Brand Manager.

The happy tale doesn't end with this event. Ruffwear and Best Friends continue to match these trail-loving dogs with their perfect humans. Since the program launched in May, 13 dogs have been matched, with Ruffwear covering the cost of adoption fees as well as airfare to get the dogs to their new homes.

Check out this super feel-good video explaining the adoption partnership and the wonderful service it provides to high-energy dogs:

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